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What after the Hair Transplant !
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For the donor area apply copious amount of aloe vera moisturisers after days. The aloe vera lotion given in the kit is helpful. By a process of anagen effluvium, withing weeks most of the planted hair will be seen falling off in abundance. This is telogen effluvium and is not a cause of concern since the roots are retaing under the skin and are growing a new hair which is pushing the planted hair out of the body as it grows. The old hairs become loose around weeks as their tail end reached the skin surface and when they have no support, they fall off.

Most people get anxious and this is natural.


By the end of the first year, the new hair should be as robust as the remaining. They will also gain length at the same rate as non-transplanted hairs. Sometimes during the initial period after the transplant, the patient may notice small hairs being shed along with their bulbs. All this is normal and unless there is bleeding at a graft site, there has been no loss of a viable graft. Infrequently, there is some textural change in the transplanted hair.

Suicide Squad

It may become curlier than it was, or even somewhat wiry. When examined microscopically, these hairs reveal some changes in the cuticle. This is temporary and resolves as time proceeds. What after the Hair Transplant!

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Make sure that all shampoo has been washed off. Dab dry with sterile gauze. Allow hair to dry at room temperature or by standing under the fan for one minute. Now you are ready for the next step of antiseptic application.

Plus, Jonathan Groff sings a power ballad!

Make sure that hair is completely dry. Spraying antiseptic over wet hair reduces its efficacy.

Close your eyes and cover them with hand towel completely. Hold the bottle vertical and keep nozzle directed towards procedure area. Press plastic nozzle and sprinkle antiseptic over the area. You may require about spray shots for the whole planted area. Keep about Two feet distance from the surface while spraying.

Allow antiseptic to evaporate in about a minute. Remove the towel and open your eyes. By accident if antiseptic goes in the eyes wash eyes immediately with lots of cold water and consult an eye specialist. Remove the lid and open the jar. Wash your hands with soap and water. Shake them dry. Do not dry with towel. Make sure hands are completely dry. From the spray small bottle apply antiseptic over the hand and fingers you are going to use for application of gel.

A Tea Shop Mystery Series

Rub the antiseptic dry on your hands. Wet your fingertips from the container and apply gently over the recipient area creating a very thin layer of wetness over the planted area only. Do not apply with cotton Gauze. Use second finger if you require more aloe vera water. Please do not dip the same finger you have used before to get more liquid out of the container because this will contaminate the liquid for future use.

Quantity of gel should be such that it will form a thin protective coat over the planted area. Allow aloe vera water to dry. Wear the cap and you are ready to go to work. We request you to wear only our bandana as it is designed specially for your care. Use it only for out door activity.

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After 3 days wear our cap. Do not wear any woolen cap. Cap should not touch any planted area. Make sure the cap rests over your brow because if it does not, it is resting either on the planted areas over the hairline or the temple triangles.

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Wear it loose and do not press it tight across your head. Remove it by lifting it from back to front as was demonstrated by the clinic. After having done the shampoo procedure and before drying the planted area apply a thin layer of foam with fingers. Apply it all over normal hair as well as over the planted and donor areas.

Leave for two minutes. Wash off with mineral water or normal saline completely. Then dab dry with sterile gauze over planted and donor areas. Lift the gauze from back to front after dabbing. Dry at room temp or fan dry. Sterile gauze Normal Saline. Sleep on a soft pillow. Do not wear a tight fitting cap. Do not get head massage done till 3 months after the procedure Do not rub aloe vera lotion vigorously over the donor area. Tab Combiflam 1 tablet twice a day Tab Alprax 1 tablet at night.

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Take your medication at specific time of the day as advised on the schedule. Keep upright and sleep in semi setting position for minimum first three nights after the procedure so that head is higher than the heart.

For a start, it's not Yoda. But you knew that, right?

Let's pretend 9. This is their third release, following two wonderful singles on Cloudberry records. You and me-" Leaning into his ears, she whispered, sending shivers down his neck. Laser show. Along with her red eyeliner that gave off an aura of exoticism, Hiro found his heart rate accelerating at the moonlit maiden waiting for him to break out of his daze. She asks to have him assigned to another therapist.

Water the roots minimum every 20 minutes on the evening after the procedure till you sleep and every 2 hours the next morning onwards. Spray antiseptic three times in a day once in the morning after the shampoo after drying, second in the afternoon after lunch and 3rd time in the evening after shampoo and drying.

Restart your other medications at your routine time as you were taking them prior to the procedure. Take shower and tap water bath below shoulders only till 2 weeks.

Do continue your routine work or even brisk walk. You may have normal sex life after 3 nights. Do keep the procedure area covered with cap for all outdoor activities up to 3 weeks to avoid direct exposure of dust, heat and sunlight. While drying the planted area with swab after shampoo, dab dry backward to forward only and if your temple triangles have been worked upon, do this to top to bottom.

Do use a travel pillow if you have got a previous strip scar repaired lest it touches the pillow. In such cases you shall have to lie upright for 5 days. For routine queries, e-mail is recommended for a comprehensive reply. Do not sleep flat for the first 3 days. Do not consume alcohol till 3 day.

Do not pour tap water over the procedure site. Do not do heavy exercise, gym, aerobics, heavy weight lifting or yoga for one week. Do not bend down or forward to tie your shoe lace or to pick up objects from the ground for the first 3 days. Do not use hair dryer.