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I soon realised that one of the four rooms was always left free in case one of the sisters -or even Bijou herself- needed a private interview with one of the guests. Naturally, all sorts of comments were made about the Gabor girls and their parents in Estoril. That they were all communist spies, that mister Gabor had travelled to Portugal to buy the jewels of those fleeing the red terror at cut-price, that both mother and daughters worked for the American counterespionage services and for the Intelligence Service. The story continues predictably.

Our first Don Juan more or less enamours one of the daughters and has some sort of vaudeville-style fling with her, given that his wife is also staying at the hotel. Least of which is his calling Jolie Gabor by the name of Bijou, because that could just be the influence of the diamonds. Carlos Sampayo, he was her lover. The source is irrefutable. And on December 1st of the same year the Gabor family emigrated to America. But in any case, his real vanity issues and memory problems arrive with the famous Gabor sister, Zsa-Zsa. This paragraph:. Eva limited herself to praising my taste in ties.

She overfed me. Sometimes people are taken out of tales as they overshadow them. Sometimes they are added to brighten them up. Zsa-Zsa had emigrated to America in In when the mother and her sisters travelled to America from Lisbon she was at the port to welcome them. It was sunny, spring had arrived and her voice sounded chirpy and rushed.

She had just opened a bar, she said brightly and then promised she would call me, seriously. Mercedes was a charming lady, widow and orphan. Her father had been killed in the war on July 24th, and her stepfather, Bedoya, occupied a respected but minor place in her life. Shortly after taking a seat in the living-room of her apartment in Puerta de Hierro, she asked me. The countess appeared melancholic. And who mistook whom? Let me explain the family information to you. I have no recollection whatsoever of my father. I had just turned three when he died.

My mother, an only daughter and orphan since the age of 14, was 25 when widowed. She remarried in November of From a very young age, I realised that to mention my father appeared like a rejection of her second marriage.

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They never once spoke of this event to either me or my sister. I can assure you that my father never carried arms I believe he was a disastrous conscript during his military service. It suits a true Castilian to die in a road ambush. They have already removed the monument on the hill.

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The figures were terribly ugly, by a dreadful sculptor. One of the most solid general principles of this book is the fact that children know nothing of their parents. And even less about their half parents!

I would go so far as to venture that the Jews, per se and their destruction, were of very little interest to her. The countess had that visibly refined air one gets from travel.

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As I said, the European Union stands ready to continue its support towards the people affected by this cyclone through our humanitarian and civil protection and development tools. Era un traje rojo, con falda de volados, "corsage" drapeado y escote palabra de honor. UKIP does not just campaign for Brexit; we actually want to make it happen. Singapore is a rich, high technology city State in Southeast Asia, also known for the conservatism of its leaders and its strict social controls. She's very pretty but she has no appeal. We lived in the country for many years. Do you have any change?

For a large period of her life, she was married to the diplomat, Temboury. Or, in other words: the draw of those characters that initially appear on the fringes of books and then threaten to devour them. A few months later, she reminded me of her invitation. The author is Argamonte, the diplomat.

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Well, he never mentions a word about Jews. Among the countries invaded by the Germans, Denmark was the only one in which the authority, the King, protected the Jews and more categorically and successfully opposed the Nazi deportation plans. His chronicle supports the existence of a more or less improvised plan drawn up by the Franco government with a view to help save the European Jews, that was developed alongside the events that took place in the last year and a half of the Second World War, when the Nazi defeat was more than a premonition.

One such detail refers to the protection offered by Spain to the Jews in Budapest, the core theme of this book. Dresden and Prague were stuffing me with their Baroque and their river and their empire. The Nazis kept the existence of Auschwitz and the death camps secret until From that year on, the elite civil servant, political and journalist classes of the Allied countries began to find the first evidence that various concentration camps were, in reality, mass death factories.

One year later, regarding Auschwitz, the young Sanz Briz informed his government in more detail of rumours that until that moment had seemed inconceivable. His first news was dated mid-July and was part of a report on the chaotic situation in Hungary following the Nazi invasion. The rumours about their destiny are more alarming. One of the more persistent would have us believe that the majority of the expeditions of Jews that take place in cattle cars [sic] packing 80 people into each of these in a veritable herding travel to a concentration camp located on the outskirts of Kattowitz [35 kilometres from Auschwitz], where they are gassed to death and their bodies used as the fatty matter of certain industries.

Thus, in all likelihood, Sanz Briz was the first Spanish diplomat to inform the Francoist government of the Auschwitz killings. And he did so again the following month, in greater detail, in the so-called Auschwitz Protocol, supposedly written by two prisoners who managed to escape in , that was being passed around various European capitals. This report has been delivered to me by members of the Board of the Zionist organization of this capital. Furthermore, in those inconceivable days, the truth was independent of whomsoever spoke it. Although the Auschwitz report had been written by two victims, it was largely true.


Although it was not the first time a newspaper had talked about the gas chambers and industrial extermination. That honour, to the best of my knowledge, lies with a Montreal-based broadsheet that published the following headline in the summer of Regarding the cause of his death, the press came up with a remarkable eulogy: the minister, who was 68 years old, had apparently been killed by work. An overwhelming, inhumane job.

Indeed, the obituaries insisted so much on this point that even those with no information on how the drama had unfolded became suspicious.

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The truth is that the most immediate cause of death was probably one described by the minister in the diary he kept right up to his last days. His notes on the Madrid heat of the last days of July on the eve of his death there were 52 degrees in Mora de Toledo were constant and distressed. The minister was extremely tired. And in the afternoon, he still had a cabinet meeting. The son did not offer any conclusive explanations of the truly strange event. He was more explicit about the contents of the letter.

A year before, the father had written in his diary that he had given Franco a text on the Spanish political situation. The son deduced that a copy must have been held in the forced drawer.

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But there was nothing else. In the second conversation between Bedoya and Jordana, in November , on the Jewish protection plan, the minister had confided the three axes of his foreign policy to him:.

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Bedoya wrote years after this conversation. There was no further allusion in his memoir to the theoretical democratising plans nor the written transcription of the same. The allied victory brought neither amnesty nor courts nor rights. The executions by shooting and the political persecution of the Franco dictatorship continued to the very end.