Hebrew Survival Guide Part 3-Speaking Hebrew is Easy (Hebrew Survival Guide- Part 3)

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That's basically how I have learned Italian, by singing. You can find Hebrew songs, on this site , with translation to English. Watching TV Very easy now via Internet. See the sites page , for links.

Reading Internet sites There are the news site, of course. They are good because the content is updated constantly, so it is not boring and you can read a lot and learn. Try also to browse into less formal sites, in order to experience every day language used by people.

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You could read the comments of people on articles, they surely use an every day language. See the sites page , for links to Hebrew sites. Reading Books One advantage I found with books over websites for learning a language , is when they are written in the "first person" I did like that, I feel like that It is important to get used to the first person because that's what you mostly use in real life for speaking. In websites, on the other hand, the news are written in an abstract way there was a fire Another advantage is when the book is interesting and it keep you busy with the new language.

Choose books with modern and simple language. Talking with Humans A good way to practice speaking.

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Find humans who speak Hebrew and pretend you want to be their friend. Writing a diary This is funnier and easier that making simple exercises for learning a language. With exercises grammar etc , you may feel like if you are making homework at school, it's difficult to be motivated sometimes. With a diary, it's different, you are writing for yourself and it forces you to look at the dictionary to search for words.

For better effect write it on real paper instead of a computer, it works better on the memory. Also writing a blog on the Internet, is an excellent idea for practicing a new language. Talking with yourself You describe to an imaginary friend what you did today or what you are doing now or planning for tomorrow and any general thought about any subject. You can do it while strolling in the nice streets. It's not easy, it requires a lot of discipline and concentration beware if you are driving a car.

Like when writing a diary or talking to a real person, this is an active phase, you need to find the words. Of course that you will need some assistance from time to time, so you need also a smartphone connected to the Internet and when you are not sure about a word or sentence you use Google translate. Living in Israel for a while This is great to be in an environment with the language you want to learn, but the learning will not be done by itself. The best is to learn theory in parallel to the stay in Israel in school or by yourself.

Like this, your learning is reinforced, from many angles.

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Marry an Israeli This is extreme but it works, you learn Hebrew. Using Internet tools There are many tools available online like dictionaries that can help you learn a language. I want to mention two very useful ones : Google Translate You need some experience to get the maximum out of this wonderful tool link : Google Translate. You need to have some notions in the target language, in order to judge if the result is acceptable.

The tool helps you to "remember" things you already should know. When you do a translation : at the destination language, you can click on the text and you will get alternative translations. On the source language : try to rephrase the text in other ways, then you will get other translations, and you will choose the one you like. If you know well other languages except the source and destination , then you can try to write the source in another language, you may receive other translations. The Audio : There is an icon with a loudspeaker at the source language and at the target language , so you can listen to the text, very useful for beginners.

This feature is not available for all languages, yet. Note : There is also Deepl Translator. It does the same job as Google Translate, but better. It is not available for all the languages, yet. Google Search It can help you decide between two language alternatives. Here how : Let's say you are not sure if the correct form is : "I want to go" or "I wants to go". So Instead of looking for the answer at a grammar book you need to find the book first and then you need also to find the right section in the book, not easy sometimes , you can use Google search instead.

Do a search in Google twice, for both sentences with the quotation mark at the beginning and ending of the phrase. The quotation mark is important, it tells Google that you want to find only the results with these exact words, in the same order of words. In the result, Google will tell you how many phrases like this he has found. Compare the two numbers.

(20-1) Introduction

The correct phrase should receive the highest number more people wrote articles with the correct form of the phrase. This is not exact science, but it is very fast. You may need sometimes also to look at some specific results in the search result in order to be sure your conclusion is the right one.

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Hebrew Survival Guide Part 3-Speaking Hebrew is Easy (Hebrew Survival Guide - Part 3) - Kindle edition by Ori Ben Shalom. Download it once and read it on. Hebrew Survival Guide Part 3-Speaking Hebrew is Easy (Hebrew Survival Guide - Part. Hebrew Survival Guide Part 3-Speaking Hebrew is Easy (Hebrew.

After I look a little bit at the results I decide that there are , people in the world who don't know English and the correct form is the first one. Now you have a folder with the new words jpg photos that you encountered during the year. It is very easy to browse these photos.

Look at this folder from time to time, in order to memorize the new words. You can write comments regarding grammar rules etc. According to a study published in the Journal of Paediatrics, teenagers who are physically fit do better in exams. And research published in the New Scientist last year showed that students who took time out from revision by playing sport, helped consolidate their memories by using a different part of the brain.

T ake them with you to the gym or ask them to join you when you walk the dog, then make them a brain-food breakfast: two scrambled or poached eggs on toasted rye bread, to provide protein, slow-releasing carbohydrates, zinc, B vitamins and healthy fats. Hopelessly politically incorrect, and disputed by all the experts, but it worked.

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And at least you both feel you have something to aim for. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Lifestyle Family Schooling. Human brains can only maintain concentration for 90 minutes at one time Neil Shah, Stress Management Society. Recurring dreams — or rather nightmares — about failing to prepare for an exam.

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