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If so please leave some of your stress triggers in comment section below. When I usually would have grabbed a shake or stopped by Baskin Robbins or Drank a sugary drink or had some pie or cake, I instead had to make another choice about how to feel better in my moment of discomfort.

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I choose to work on this blog. Other times I choose to vocalize. Sometimes I choose to exercise. By making the commitment even for a short period of time to change my coping strategy I learned that my life would be better off without the addiction. When I have tasted food that I use to eat it suddenly now comes alive with amounts of flavor I never new existed before.

And even though I know given the opportunity I will binge on sugar again I have hope to live more moderately. When I live my life focused on where I can get my next incredible treat I loose motivation to create greater service in my business or ministry.

During this challenge highlights to me were when a former piano student of mine said that he would try to learn to play one of the worship songs I posted and sing it to encourage himself in his journey. I was thrilled when a young lady I went to college with eagerly commented that she wanted to know what to do next in our Journey To Worship Weight Loss Fitness Challenge. I was excited when one of my choir members talked about how excited she was with what she was learning on the blog and how she had subscribed and was encouraging several of her co-workers to do the same You can subscribe on your left side.

Someone said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Look for my first post on the 21day journey tomorrow.

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Health, Happiness, and Holiness was written by Deacon Pat and Liz Kearns sharing their journey and acquired wisdom for living a full and complete life. In this. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Deacon Pat Kearns is a Catholic voice in a pagan world. Health, Happiness, and Holiness by [Kearns, Deacon Pat, Liz].

What is better worship? I remember asking my parents if it was OK to sit up in the balcony with my friends for church. I was so excited when they finally gave in and said yes. But to sit with my friends in the back offered me escape from the boredom I was sure more than not people were feeling. Even then I wondered if there was a better way of meeting God for worship. I stayed going to church as I grew up but started having a deeper interest in finding other ways to connect with God and others see Worship That Nourishes. We often would use Ice Breakers click here for an awesome list of 40 icebreakers or mixer ideas as a way for folks to get to know each other better.

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Sometimes we would have something to eat. Than we would get into Bible study in small groups of people where we would share about a Scripture. Then we would share with the larger group what we had explored in the smaller group. Everything was lead by a facilitator who often gave special insight. He trained me to be a facilitator of small group worship. In my opinion there is nothing better. I really miss those gatherings to this day.

It reminds of the description in the beginning of Acts of the early church. Also, do you find that when you eat regularly with friends from work that you develop a strong bond? Well the early church had that bond. This concerns me. The picture above is me holding my baby girl, Maia. This book is quickly becoming a popular approach to finding comfort during these current times of stress and despair, while instilling hope and teaching practical methods that can be quickly applied to one's life to enhance a feeling of safety, security, and peace.

This wonderful book uses key Christian concepts to support an effective approach to modern issues.

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Enterprise Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. Difficult people can do damage. All we can do is choose how we will interact with them and how we respond to them. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter has been shown to fill our bodies with oxygen-rich air, ease tension in our muscles, and boost our immune systems. A good laugh can also give our souls a lift, but first we have to lighten up. The Bible is filled with references to joy.

Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time to laugh. It was a time filled with good, healthy, positive energy.


Joy is portable, and Sister Anne never leaves home without it. She recalls a story of a recent flight when her plane was grounded on the tarmac for almost three hours. Connecting flights would be missed. The agitation and exhaustion among travelers were palpable.

Don’t Let Pride Poison Your Happiness

But she refused to buy in to the negative—an easy pitfall for many of us. Sister Anne and a married couple seated next to her ended up entertaining the whole plane. Tensions gradually eased.

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Joy won. God puts humor in our lives.

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The First Minister,her party and the Scottish chattering classes are ultimately blind to their own responsibility in creating a demoralised populace. He had been faithful to the Lord. My kids wanted my attention when I had a ton of stuff to accomplish. Matthew said and when they saw Him they worshipped. PenelopeSpears on 12th November at am. It is not enough that we grow in knowledge; there must be a marked increase in love. By committing to a few push ups at each potty break he eventually worked his way up to 70 or more push ups a day.

She eats properly despite the occasional lapse, she admits , and she gets enough sleep. Exercise is important, as is prayer. We choose how we behave.

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We are the creators of the energies we put out into the world. It drags you down. What we look for we find. Our minds are powerful things. Sister Anne recommends a simple exercise each night before we lay head to pillow. Go to bed.