Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre (German Edition)

Erich Gutenberg and the Theory of the Firm
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If you have taken statistics, calculus, algebra, economics, or any other advanced math courses, your profile will suit our program. Exchange students can choose courses on the bachelor level courses predominantly in German and from the various master programs in English. Participation in any of the courses and lectures is possible without special enrollment.

Thus, there is no need to finally decide on activities before you come to Berlin. Seminars marked as "SE" in the course list are an exception to this - you register for them at the institutes that offer them.

Since the application procedure and the prerequisites for participation vary between different seminars, look up the registration method and deadlines in the course list see above or contact the responsible lecturer in advance. Only in certain cases contact us!

Einführung in die BWL – Kurseinheit 5: Materialwirtschaft&Logistik

Bachelor students will also have the option to take English classes only. You should be aware that this limits the choice of courses for dramatically. Especially if you are required to do a certain amount of credits, this may force you to take Master-level courses. These will obviously be more demanding! Such courses will NOT appear on the transcript of records. Instead they will be recognised on separate certificates. Link to the Agnes course catalogue. Berlin Perspectives is an interdisciplinary module in English and German for international exchange students of all subjects.

The module is consisting of seminars 5, 10, or 15 credit points The module focuses on the following areas:. The seminars introduce students to academic German and reinforce their studying skills.

Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.)

Learn to apply these concepts to making managerial decisions. KVS introduced German as an optional subject in the year in schools in the 6th — 8th standards. Homburg, C. The data clearly support the prediction that the locational choice is positively influenced by a low withholding tax rate. Graduates of Environmental Systems Sciences are acknowledged professionals in their particular core subject and, furthermore, have additional and unique qualifications.. Furthermore, the data analysed shows that investment behaviour has not changed as a result of obligations to self-disclose income and wealth on the part of investors. The digitalization of financial services opened a window for new players in the financial industry.

In addition, the students discuss various aspects of Berlin including topics such as German history, society and culture, thus providing a useful supplement to their main studies at the HU. Students learn in small seminar groups and can carry out the work required of them in either English or German. Furthermore, Berlin perspectives offers you one German langauge class for free!

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For more information see their webpage:. If you are a student not enrolled at the School of Business and Economics but rather at another department of HU, there is a certain set of courses open for you:. Economics Bachelor in German :. Business Administration Bachelor in German :. Business Administration Master in English. During a lecture Vorlesung - VL , the classic teaching format at university, a professor or other faculty member presents subject matter to students who take notes and elaborate in private study on the topic addressed in the lecture.

Students can get credits by passing a written examination Klausur which will usually be set at the end of a set of lectures. Depending on the course or subject, duration of the exam varies between sixty minutes and several hours. You do not need to register to a lecture - just take part at the first lesson!

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  • LES BRETONS (French Edition).
  • Betriebswirtschaftslehre Fur Chemiker: Eine Praxisorientierte Einfuhrung.

The aim is to give students a chance to apply and deepen acquired knowledge in practical exercises and try out methodological features of academic work. Tutorials are always combined with a lecture. Just attending the tutorial is not sufficient.

  • Egyptian Gold - The Journey.
  • Vini dItalia 2013 (Italian Edition)?
  • Political Philosophy in Japan: Nishida, the Kyoto School and co-prosperity (Routledge/Leiden Series in Modern East Asian Politics, History and Media).

If the course lists states several dates, you can choose one of them - they all cover the same contents! In seminars Seminare - SE students and university staff work jointly on a chosen topic. It is quite normal for students to give presentations Referat in seminars, which are subsequently discussed. The length and scope of the presentation will be specified by the teaching staff member. Frequently, topics to be covered in seminar presentations are allocated to students in the first few weeks of the sessions.

23517-01 - Vorlesung: Introduction to Marketing 3 KP

At the end of the semester, students usually have to hand in semester papers Seminararbeiten , which are explorations of a topic which both student and staff have agreed upon. Generally, Seminararbeiten at Bachelor level would comprise between 10 and 15 A4 pages, at the Master's level they can often consist of up to 25 or 30 pages. Please note that you will have to register for a seminar before the semester starts.

Semesterwochenstunde or SWS for short is a term often heard in the context of the students' time budget. One SWS is one minute teaching period per week over one semester or, more specifically, during the time when lectures, classes, etc. Usually, a course has two teaching units per week 2 SWS. In accordance with German academic custom, the beginning of a lecture, class, etc.

It means the session actually begins a quarter of an hour therefore "akademisches Viertel" later, which gives student sufficient time to move from one room or location to the next. Please note, you will only get credits if you pass the term-exams immediately following the respective courses.

Just attending the lectures is not sufficient to receive any credits! ECTS are given for the Leistungsnachweise graded paper or examinations which students obtain.

  • Now That I Found You.
  • ISBN 13: 9783527530465.
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If you only attend a course without passing an exam, you will not get any credits or certificates of attendance. You can decide yourself which seminars and lectures you attend, you have access to every course listed in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis. It is possible to attend courses at other departments as well, but we cannot guarantee access. Even if your German is already perfect you may have some problems with the more technical terms you will encounter during your studies at HU. To help you with these, visit the glossary available here. For a more encompassing list of translations you may need during your stay at HU, have a look at the glossary over at the university's homepage or see our own translation help!!

If you like to follow other courses, you'd need the permission of the respective lecturer.

Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre aus institutionenökonomischer Sicht

Why do these differences persist and do they change over time and why? Prof Reinartz presents joint work with Simeng Han and Professor Reinartz is a candidate for the chapter of business and management. Dezember , zwischen Uhr in der Sibille-Hartmann-Str. Bitte beachten Sie, Alexander Edeling Dr. The visit is supported by a research grant from the German Academic