Diary of a Public Radio Slave

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Being black became the crime, and so any black man who could not prove that he had a job at a given time, any black man who sought to change employers, any black man who chose to sell the produce of his farm after dark, rather than selling to the white man nearest him… An endless number of statutes were passed which made it nearly impossible to avoid prosecution. These laws were designed to finish off the process of disenfranchising all black Americans in the South; and they effectively did it by creating this legal jeopardy that all African Americans had to live with.

In a relatively small work camp where you had 75 or 80 forced laborers, there might well be three to four hundred floggings in a given month. The men in the mines were beaten in the mornings if they failed to remove eight tons of coal the day before; and they were beaten at the end of the day if they failed to remove eight tons of coal that day.

They were starved, and they were deprived of health care.

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If they die I can cheaply find another…. Slavery by Another Name is hard reading that ought to be required.

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At a moment of reckoning around race in our country, Doug Blackmon, a studious child of the Mississippi Delta, has offered a monumental contribution to an agonizing re-learning of who we all are. Radio Public. What's it worth to Tottenham? The local trades council is rightly up in arms: perhaps they'll have a whip-round.

Radio Slave (Stand Up Comedy)

You'll have to make sure the department's voice is heard when discussions take place. Nothing said about massaging statistics or magnifying the numbers finding work, so that's all right.


When Sloan Kennedy is handed a pink slip from her employer and her fiancé, she takes a job as a receptionist at a local public radio station, quickly becoming​. Editorial Reviews. Review. Welcome to the hilarious, intelligent, subversive world of Sloan Diary of a Public Radio Slave - Kindle edition by Kerri Wood Thomson​. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

He has a grey quiff, seems to have his tongue sticking out, and appears with an accompanying story written in the style of Roger Hargreaves. Why not?

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He was in charge. And he knew better than everyone else. So all was right with the world.

I expect they think it's funny. Well, they'd better own up. We know who you are, and you can jolly well come and see me afterwards.

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