A Missing Tourist in Mexico

A Missing Tourist in Mexico
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He had traveled by train on El Chepe and gone hiking alone in the Urique area. He had planned to meet up with his brother in Mexico City later in the month, his family said in a statement.

When he failed to do so on Oct. That page , which they created, confirmed his death and posted a tribute on Thursday.

We will always remember Patrick and his joy for life. During the weeks of uncertainty over Mr.

A New Watchlist

They wrote that Mr. Braxton-Andrew was last seen around 4 p. A state police commander first raised an eyebrow, saying it was unusual for a group of men to go on vacation without family members.

How did Cancun become Mexico's murder capital?

And Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo, governor of the state of Guerrero, where Acapulco is located, was also quick to express skepticism. When the families complained that officials appeared to be blaming the victims, the authorities backed off, announcing that checks showed that none of the missing men had criminal records. Guevara stopped short of tying the men to criminal activities, but the implication seemed clear.

Mexico travel advisory

Last year, there were more than 35 million visitors to Mexico, an increase of 9 . “ Funny how his wallet is missing but the police had his ID.”. But Detective Esteban Verde is ready for the challenge when an American scuba diver is reported missing at the tourist community of San Carlos, Mexico.

Early this year, President Felipe Calderon came under fire and apologized to grieving survivors in Ciudad Juarez after he initially said gang revenge was behind a fatal shooting attack that killed 15 people at a teen party. It turned out that none of the victims had anything to do with gangs. But he refused to say what they were.

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Why has Mexico not attracted more than a small percentage of the growing numbers of North Americans seeking medical care abroad? Most medical tourists who come to Mexico are Mexican-Americans, Americans who have made previous visits as tourists and a few who have done independent research about lower medical costs. Furthermore, my own observation in following this group for the past two years is that individualism and even competition in thought and action still reigns between the individual members of this loosely connected group.

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Watch this Topic. The U. Traveling to those states is as dangerous, according to the State Department's safety ratings, as traveling to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Read more: www. Four months later, eight bodies were found after a cartel murder spree - with two of the victims dismembered and found in separate plastic bags. Homicides shot up 16 percent during the first half of this year — a number that has been rising at an alarming rate over the last two years as splintered groups of drug traffickers and gangs battle for dominance.

However, each is doing so with websites that are almost incomprehensible both language-wise and concept-wise to the North American patients they wish to reach. Both the group and the individual websites demonstrate little knowledge of the types of treatments that foreigners might seek outside their own borders and little understanding of the American world-view and values to which they should direct their marketing.

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  5. American tourists risk death to vacation in Mexico.

Unlike most business people seeking international clients, they place the responsibility for communication upon those whose business they seek. In most of the hospitals I visited in Jalisco that have expressed their interest in medical tourism, neither the administrators responsible for growing medical tourism nor the physicians speak enough English or know enough about North American culture to effectively attract patients or care for them in the manner these patients need and expect. Mexican nurses, who receive less education and are given less responsibility than North American nurses, rarely speak any English at all.

Lack of English or knowledge of North American culture and service expectations not only hinders the medical aspect of medical tourism according to the U.

State Department orders travel advisory for Mexico after 8 bodies found in Cancun

Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico, boasts Tourism Information kiosks all over the city. However, even the department of tourism has not made any provision for non-Spanish speaking tourists. Speaking a foreign language is not required of the employees that work the kiosks nor is the tourist information printed in other languages. In spite of admitted weakness in English, hospitals, wellness and retirement centers rarely seek the aid of native speakers or those familiar with U.

Is it a matter of money, or is it an unwillingness to admit that foreign assistance is needed?